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Cristoval Colon in Lisbon, March 1493?

Cristobal Colon's first letter, written from Lisbon, was quickly dispersed to the public. Below is the last page of the printed Basel 1494 edition pointing out the bishop�s error in calling him Columbo.

The Bishop of Monte Peloso or the printer changed the last name Colom (which is the same pronunciation as that of Colon and Kolon) to Columbo. This insertion of Columbo is clearly an error, making it Latin for Pigeon/Dove and not the Greek Kolon, meaning �member� as Don Cristoval Colon had chosen. 

Don Hernando Colon in the early 1500s tried to prevent this propagation of the wrong name  but it was too late, however, as these letters had already been sent to all four corners of the globe using the name Columbo.


Christopher Columbus Letter

Columbus Mistaken Identity

Partial Transcription: Vlisbone, pridie ydus Marcii. 
Christoforus Colom Oceanice classis Prafectus.

Epigr�ma. R. L. de Corbaria Episcopi Motispalusii ... 
Vnde repertori merito referenda Columbo Gratia



Translation: Lisbon, the day before the Ides of March [March 14th, 1493]. 
Christoforus Colom, Admiral of the Ocean Fleet. 

Epigram of R. L. de Corbaria, bishop of Monte Peloso ... 

Then to Columbo, the true finder, give due thanks.


The error in changing COLOM to COLUMBO is understandable as colom in Catalan means columbus or "pigeon" in Latin. However the discoverer's name was Colon taken from the Greek kolon which is this case is the same colon in Latin.


Why was Christopher Columbus stopping in Lisbon in 1493?

Was he meeting with his real king, King John II of Portugal?

We Will Prove:

  • Christopher Columbus was an intimate friend of the King of Portugal
  • Christopher Columbus's wife was Portuguese Royalty
  • Christopher Columbus was not the first European to reach the New World
  • Christopher Columbus always knew he was not in India
  • Christopher Columbus was part of a great Portuguese deception to fool Spain
  • Christopher Columbus covered-up his own identity to protect his parents identity
  • Christopher Columbus's real identity was also covered up by Queen Isabel
  • Christopher Columbus was never called Christopher Columbus.
  • Christopher Columbus was called Don Cristoval Colon
  • and Cristoval Colon was not his real name either

Discover The Truth!


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Christopher Columbus vs. Cristobal Colon